Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To Become Small

The desire to be seen,

to be known,

can be so strong at times.

As though being where you are and who you are is never quite enough.

But the Father sees. He sees when you take a step back from all that striving to be noticed. He sees that step you take back, away from chasing after all the mirages of what you think will satisfy.  He sees, when in the quiet, in the mundane, in the routine of what He has given to you now, you step away from it all. Not to enter into a fight for recognition, but to enter into the quiet, intimate spaces of being known fully and completely by the very God Who created you.

He sees what is done in the secret places, in the quiet places, in the questioning of your worth and in the feeling small.

Because it is then you see Him most clearly.

If God doesn't rule your mundane, then He doesn't
rule you. Because that's where you live.   ~Paul Tripp


My Father Who sees in secret, make me fearless of being small. Of being unknown. Of being known fully by the One Fully God. Nothing escapes Your eyes that always see and when I place myself before Your greatness, there is no other place safer for my soul.

Rule the mundane spaces, the places I despise. Transform them into an oasis where I see you most clearly.